26 Okt

Programm BBK 2. Nov.

Hier die Programmvorschau für die 1. Einheit Berufsbild KünstlerIn am 2. Nov. um 18 Uhr.
Zu Gast ist Nargess Khodabakhshi.
Nargess Khodabakhshi is an artist, researcher and university lecturer based in Vienna. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Design from the University of Tehran and a Master’s degree in Fine and Studio Arts from the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Currently, she is doing her PhD at the Institute for Education in the Arts, focusing on the History and Theory of Non-Western Fashions. Since 2016 she has been a lecturer in Fashion Theory (Academy of Fine Arts Vienna), Fashion History (The University of Arts and Industrial Design Linz) and Design Theory (University of the Arts Bremen & University of the Applied Arts Vienna). Additionally, she regularly holds courses and workshops in fine and studio arts and contributes to cultural projects promoting diversity and language work.

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