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Fwd: Call for papers: “Comics and The Invisible” (deadline Jan. 15)

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Am 20. Dez. 2021, 08:00, um 08:00, Invisible Lines <info@invisiblelines.eu> schrieb: >Dear friends and colleagues, > >the Invisible Lines project <www.invisiblelines.eu> has launched >a >call for papers aimed at scholars specialised in comics studies, on the >topic of “Comic and The Invisible”. > >You can find it here attached. The deadline is* January 15, 2022. * > >The selected papers will be presented at an international conference >held >at the Giorgio Cini Foundation, in Venice on June 3-4, 2022. > >As part of the Invisible Lines project, this conference intends to >foster >dialogue between scholars and artists on the subject of invisibility in >comics and illustration. Several of the artists who took part in the >project (such as Juraj Horváth, Stefano Ricci, Manuele Fior, and Yvan >Alagbé) will be actively involved in the conference. > >We invite participants to investigate different aspects of the >invisible in >comics culture, as a complex notion that can offer a fresh perspective >around what is seen and what is not seen. We welcome submissions that >explore the invisible in comics and illustration, stemming from every >tradition of comics culture as well as in cultural, media, art theory >that >deals with ninth art and sequential narratives. > >And we also ask you to please share the call for papers among your >colleagues, students, and anyone who might be interested in >participating. > >For more information about the conference, please visit: >www.cini.it/en/events/seminar-comics-and-the-invisible-call-for- >papers ><www.cini.it/en/events/seminar-comics-and-the-invisible-call-for-papers> > >For more information about the Invisible Lines project, please visit: >invisiblelines.eu > >Thanks and best wishes, > >The Invisible Lines staff > > >–

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