24 Jun

diploma writing guideline 2

This is for the last semester students’ diploma folder. These are basically some more hints about how to write the diploma:
1- In your text, *explain why* you have chosen this project. 2- Write at least a few lines about* every art work* specifically.(For example you can discuss why you chose certain colors, frames, technique) 3-Mention your* medium*, the number of works/ editions. 4- When you use history and other texts you have to* footnote at the end* of the sentence and write the reference. 5- Image numbers should also come *at the end of the sentence.* 6- At the end of the paper write a sort of *conclusion* about what your overall idea about your project is. 7- Write your references. Select *at least 5 texts* as reference..
Kind regards, Tara Dr. Tara Najd Ahmadi PhD in Visual & Cultural Studies, University of Rochester, New York

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